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"I  trained as a furniture designer and maker under the wonderful Robert Ingham at Parnham College in the mid 1990s and was hugely inspired by his approach to fine craftsmanship, the care and love he put into every detail of his work and how he treated the process of making as almost zen like. "

His teaching reminded me how mesmerised I had been carving marks into twigs in my friend's garden as a child and whilst I knew that there was probably not a career for me in stick whittling, however focused I was, I promised myself that I would seek to find this fulfilment in my own work.  Whilst I have been fortunate to find much fulfilment teaching my craft the past 15 years, I have had little time to practise it and so when I realised I had reached a crossroads in my career I decided it was time to get back to the work bench.

In the studio I now have the opportunity to work in a variety of materials but mainly focus on wood, textiles, paper, pewter and ceramic much of which is recycled.  Being hand made and hand finished each piece is individual and quality of finish will always be a priority.