Precious things

My grandmother used to call them ‘tutriments’, I still have no idea where that word came from but she was referring to all the precious things, everything from ornaments and souvenirs to a collection of antique tea cups and saucers that she displayed.  I grew up thinking it was par for the course to fill your home with bits and pieces, stuff which had a story and that you would display proudly in cabinets or on the mantle piece.

Then, in the early 90s just as I was setting uimagep house for the first time, along came Ikea’s ‘chuck out your chintz’ campaign and many of us did just that. So here’s the thing, last week I sold a display cabinet!  Finally we are unashamedly ready to display our treasured ‘tutriments’ again, the finds that mean something, remind us of happy times.  Every night we eat off a somewhat shambolic array of inherited crockery and although I’ve yet to hang a plate on the wall I have managed to sneak some of my grandmother’s tea cups and saucers onto the sideboard and I stop and enjoy them every time I pass.

@Burfordgardens have this sussed! (left) what a lovely way to give someone flowers!


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