It’s all about the base!

This Thursday marks the end of my first year at The Old Pill Factory in Witney and since I have only been trading for just a month longer than that it’s got me feeling all reflective.


Whilst I am still flying by the seat of my charity shop jeans financially speaking, it has been an exciting and successful year, I’ve learnt a huge amount and much of that has been down to the kindness and mentoring I’ve received from the fabulous ladies at The Old Pill! There is still so much I want and indeed need to achieve, planning more workshops is the next step, but it’s an exciting process and I’ve met some great folk along the way.  Yes, the moments when you are staring down the barrel of an empty overdraft can be hairaising, the regular salary a dim and distant memory but if not now……?

There is an end, my own furniture workshop with space for teaching, I can smell the sawdust now but I am learning a whole lot of stuff in the meantime.  Working solo has taken a bit of getting used to having spent years surrounded by noisy (but equally inspiring teenagers) so the ‘office’ is now a movable feast… grandfather’s old desk in the hallway for design work, dog on knee; my little shed in the back garden for sewing with Radio 4 on permenently, Anne and Andy Lee’s lovely studio space in Blackthorne for the furniture and as I write this, my favourite haunt for green tea and inspiration, the Burford Garden Center cafe, if variety is as it were the cardamon of creativity then I recon life’s pretty tasty right now!

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